At some point in the Wedding planning process, couples begin to wonder how they will get all the photos they want during the wedding.  The question invariably pops up, “Do we need a Wedding Photography shot list?”  Many blogs and publications will make you think this is something you definitely need.  But do you?

As a working wedding photographer for many years, I do always appreciate a list of important family group images that you definitely want to have.  It helps make the family formal portion of the day go way faster if we know ahead of time how many groups and which family and friends are included.  It is a bonus if there is a person for each side who has a copy of the list and can help us gather people–after all, we do not know who your aunt from California is or what she looks like.

Wedding Photography Shot List

This image was captured during the family formals portion of the day–I turned around and saw this and took the image. Not on the shot list.

However, when it comes to a 10 page list of every image imaginable, not so much.  When you hire your wedding photographer, you should be confident that they will know that you need photos say of the Bride alone, Bride with Groom, etc.  If you have hired someone who does not understand that, I will gently say that perhaps that person is not really qualified to photograph a wedding.

Lake George Wedding Photos

I know I need to create images of the Bride alone. What we did not plan on was a torrential downpour. So we adapted and used this picture window at the Ft William Henry.

What about Pinterest you ask?  I am always happy to take a peek at your Pinterest Boards.  It will help me understand what style of photography you gravitate toward.  However, I honestly do not want to spend the entire day recreating 300 images that other photographers have made already.  I am happy to use those inspiration images as a jumping off point, but let’s use them as what they are intended for–inspiration.  Let’s go off and create something unique to you.  After all, the day is about you–not some random couple you have never even met.

Destination Wedding Ceremony Photos Miami Beach

One of my all time favorite candid shots at a wedding ceremony in Miami on the beach. Not on any shot list.

All this is not to say that I never accept input from my couples.  I am always up for trying different things.  I just personally do not want to be a slave to a shot list.  I think any creative person you hire would feel the same way.

Saratoga Springs Wedding Photo

Fun with off camera strobe and trying something a little different.

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