5 Tips for Your Boudoir Session

More and more of my brides are choosing to extend their Wedding Photography Package to include Bridal Boudoir Photos. And what does this entail, you ask? For a start, you slip into something a little more racy than your wedding dress. The resulting photos make a great wedding gift for your spouse, as well as make you feel fabulous in your own skin.  So how do you get the very best results from this special photography session?

Saratoga Springs Bridal Boudoir Photos

This model’s hair and makeup was by Danika at Our Little Secret Beauty Bar in Glens Falls, NY.

Do choose a photographer you trust–a lot.  It is always important to choose a photographer you feel comfortable with.  A boudoir photo session is no exception.  Make sure you like and trust your photographer so you will be able to relax.

Do discuss what you will be wearing and how much (or little) nudity you are personally comfortable with.  Establishing this ahead of time can make the entire experience less stressful.  I personally think that implied nudity is a lot sexier than explicit nudity.

Upstate NY Boudoir Photography

Don’t wait to late to schedule your session–especially if you want to give the images as a gift to your fiance.  In addition to the actual boudoir session, you will need to meet with your photographer to go over the session and choose your favorite images, which will then need to be retouched and sent to the printer.  Avoid disappointment and plan in advance.

Don’t wear super tight clothing to the session.  You will be slipping into some skimpy items during your boudoir photo session–and nothing looks worse than elastic lines in your skin.  Sure they can probably be retouched out, but why not just wear something loose to begin with?

Queensbury Hotel Boudoir Photo Shoot

Do get your hair and makeup professionally styled.  Not only will you look fabulous, you will feel pampered and glamorous.  And don’t forget the mani/pedi because your hands and feet will be showing.  A stylist can also be invaluable if you want to have more than one look in your photos–say an updo to start and then beachy waves.

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